Ballroom, Country & Swing Dancing with Rebecca

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About Rebecca

I have enjoyed Ballroom dancing since i was 14 years old.  Dancing has always been a very big part of who i am, no matter what time period of life.  It is so healthy for your body, your mind and emotional state!  

There are so many positives that come with learning to dance.  
1 great exercise for the mind and body
2 exercise makes you a happier healthier person
3 social benefits of having a new group of friends who all share a common interest and goals
4 Music can lift your spirit and moving to it can make you feel so good.
5 will help build self confidents and a more positive self image
6 can meet very interesting people
I started as a student at the age of 14.  I fell in love with the people and the feeling of dancing!  I competed as an amateur until i was 18.  I then became an instructor.  At that point i started competing professionally.  I competed in both Ballroom & Country Events (which included different types of Swing as well). In 2000 i opened a dance studio with my mother called Dance Reflections, Inc. out of Camp Hill, PA.  We were fortunate enough to enjoy our studio for 6 years until it closed due to extenuating circumstances.  In 2002 i had a car accident that minimized the amount of dancing i could do.  That was an extremely difficult time of my life as i tried to balance my love for, and desire to do dancing with the pain and knowledge that i was not able to anymore.  After many years, many physical therapy programs and pain management programs, *and taking a few years to have a blessing of my children in there) i have been fortunate enough to be able to dance again at a more social level and i decided that i need dance in my life for a happy and healthy life!  Even if it is not the way it was before,i feel so much better having dance back in my life.  So i now specialize in the fun and social aspects of dancing.
Dont get me wrong.  i still teach technique, but not for competitive reasons... but part of being a good ballroom country or swing lead/follow dancer is having good technique and being a pleasure to lead or follow.  It makes dancing much more fun! 
I would love to share with you with the amazing blessings i have had in my life because of dancing. 
Hope to see you on the dance floor soon! :)
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