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Elastic Slip-ons

This is a very comfortable, sturdy and supportive dance shoe with no buckles, just elastic and slide right on.  Lady’s this shoe has a nice sexy look, without your toes falling out the sides! This shoe offers a lot of support and a nice design that keeps your toes in but still allows the open look of the shoe. It has a figure 8 design that is simple yet unique. You can get this shoe with  rhinestones to brighten up the dance floor!floor!

  1. Slip-B.0.A-001
    Style: Elastic Slip on Shoe with Figure 8 swirl pattern Color: Black Heel: Style A Sizes available in stock: 7, 11
  2. Slip-B.S.A-001
    Style: Elastic Slip ons with figure 8 swirl design with stones Color: Black with rhinestones Heel: Style A Sizes available in stock: SOLD OUT